• Business Coaching & Speaking

In a company, everything affects everyone.  When people develop and meet their potential, everyone in the organization benefits. I have developed a coaching and training program that supports executives, sales teams, and frontline staff to grow personally so they can thrive professionally. After years working in sales and corporate training I love working with companies to help them take things to the next level.

Previous Speaking Engagements


  • Walmart
  • AT&T
  • KARP Capital
  • TeamOne L.A.
  • Prooflab
  • Aspire Group
  • Brand Retailers
  • Miller & Main
  • Saatchi & Saatchi China
  • Saatchi & Saatchi India
  • Saatchi & Saatchi Canada
  • Saatchi & Saatchi Thailand
  • Saatchi & Saatchi England
  • Saatchi & Saatchi France
  • Saatchi & Saatchi NY, AK, Ca


  • Yale University
  • Syracuse University
  • Lusher School -New Orleans
  • Riverside Presbyterian Day School -Jacksonville Florida
  • Tulsa Oklahoma Unified School District
  • Montessori Academy Chicago
  • Center For Early Childhood Education
  • Willow School -Los Angeles
  • St. Anastasi -Los Angeles
  • Redwood High School Marin California
  • Head Royce -Oakland California
  • James Gordon School – Scottsdale Arizona
  • Colorado Springs School – Colorado Springs Colorado


  • Wisdom 2.0
  • Dwell On Design
  • Sustainable Brands
  • The Screen Machine: Navigating Technology In our Families
  • Happily Family Conference

Sample Speaking Topics

The Emotional Intelligence Advantage

As a coach and trainer for Yale University’s Emotional Intelligence Lab, Aaron has spoken across the country to companies, schools and parents about the power of emotions. He weaves together the science behind EI and He also shares how our lives can be transformed through better understanding the data behind our emotions.

The Power of Presence

With Mindfulness based programs spreading like wildfire, Aaron takes things one step further. He demonstrates through stories and exercises how the true magic in mindfulness lies in the power of living with presence.  You will leave this talk feeling more connected to yourself, the present moment, and those around you.

Growing From Conflict

If you are working in collaborative environments, conflict is inevitable. With a growth mindset and a vision for embracing conflict, Aaron talks about the amazing breakthroughs people have had by seeing conflict as a path to personal and collective growth.

Parenting From Within

In this talk, Aaron shares his vision for a new paradigm in parenting. One in which parents take better care of themselves and model for their children what living an amazing life looks like. 

Business Coaching

  • Speaking engagements for team meetings and events
  • Offering short term and long term engagements
  • 1 on 1 sessions with Senior Executives & general workforce.
  • Facilitated team discussions (no one needs any more trust falls)
  • Sessions take place at your office or offsite
  • We will create achievable goals and track progress and adjust our tactics as we go
  • Unlimited email and text communication included in all packages