Announcing New Program For Dads In 2018

In 2018 I will be launching an Awakened Father program. The program begins in January and takes place in Mill Valley, Ca. This is a program for dads who are waking up to a new paradigm for fathers.

A paradigm in which dads:

  • Are becoming more involved, empathetic, patient, kind, loving and supportive parents
  • Continue to work on their own personal growth vs demanding growth from those around them
  • Play a role in parenting decisions, from the mundane to the most important


In this new paradigm dads are also tasked with recognizing that which was handed down to us: quick tempers, easy overwhelm and a tendency toward being reactive rather than responsive.

Dads will learn to go from:

  • Distracted to present
  • Reactive to responsive
  • Overwhelmed to expressed
  • Feeling taxed to feeling appreciated
  • Snarky remarks to authentic communication


Program Schedule, Themes, and Registration link below

January Theme: Presence 
January 18th  Mill Valley (7:30-9:45)
January 25th  Mill Valley (7:30-9:45)


February Theme: Emotional Intelligence
February 4th Online Alignment Call (9:00-9:30pm)
February 8th  Mill Valley  (7:30-9:45pm)
February 15th Mill valley (7:30-9:45pm)
February 25th Online Alignment Call (9:00-9:30pm)


March Theme: Communication
March 1st Mill Valley (7:30-9:45pm)
March 8th Mill valley (7:30-9:45pm)
March 15th Online Alignment Call (9:00-9:30pm)


Family Ritual
March 18th  Muir Beach

Sliding scale pricing available. No one turned away for lack of funds. Message me for details


Or give me a call to see if this is a good fit for you: (415) 370-3767






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