• Youth Mentoring

Nobody forgets a great mentor and every kid deserves one. I work 1-1 with young people, ages 8-18, to help them find balance, emotional regulation and joy in their day to day lives. I incorporate mindfulness & emotional intelligence practices to help them better understand their diverse range of feelings and experiences.

At the heart of my youth mentoring offering is establishing a strong connection with your child. This connection serves as the foundation for the mentoring relationship. With this connection in place, your child will have someone who can support them through challenging experiences or emotions, and provide guidance on ways to handle things in new ways. Your child will be fully seen in this process and empowered to be the person you know they are.

Basic Youth Mentoring Program

  • Weekly in-person session ranging from 1 hour to 1.5 hours
  • Sessions take place at your home, parks, trails, coffee shops or other local places your kids love
  • Basic mindfulness training and emotional intelligence training
  • One parent session to discuss new opportunities for connection and handling challenges
  • Email and text communication as needed

I specialize in working with kids who are:

  • Struggling with peer relations 
  • Going through difficult transitions
  • Experiencing divorce
  • Living with special needs



“Our 11 year old has been challenging since he turned 3.  We have tried psychiatrists and psychologists and even considered medicating him.  We have read every book in circulation (slight exaggeration but we have read a lot). While it was all useful, most of those resources were about changing the way my husband and I interacted with our son — and that had a positive but slight impact on our child.  

Aaron is the first resource we have found who works directly with our son in a way that enables him to open up. Our child is excited about Aaron and the fact that he is helping him to be the best person he can be.  It also seems to really help that Aaron comes to our house and does activities with our son that he likes, such as playing basketball going for walk and playing games.” 

-Mill Valley Mom of 3 Boys

To schedule a free 30 minute consultation email aaron@coachschiller.com