Resentment Is A Love Blocker

Do you have experience with resentment? I have found It is really hard for me to express my love for someone when I am feeling resentful towards them – even if it is my wife and kids. It does not mean I don’t love them it just means the current resentment is blocking my love from flowing out of me. It is also stopping me from receiving their love. This video outlines my view on resentment and why I think it is so important for ourselves and our communities to clear resentments when ever possible.  This is especially true in our families. Carrying resentments towards our partners and children can create a lot of unpleasant energy in the family system.

Next Level Empathy -Weekly Video #1

For this first weekly video I am sharing my new concept I am calling Next Level Empathy. In this short 2 minute video I breakdown what I think it takes to really understand how hards certain challenges are for people and sometimes even for ourselves.


Before we can solve anything we need a place to start…

This video is not a solution to your child’s challenges it is however the place to start.

Whenever I work with a new family I always like to start with exactly what is going on as it is. I do not want to fix or change anything right away. I want to honor everyone involved and be present enough to find the path forward. I also know that some challenges do not just go away.  Once again, this video is not a solution to your child’s challenges it is however the place to start.


Maybe Mindfulness Is Not For You

Is Mindfulness getting to you? Or are you looking to find ways to incorporate mindfulness based practices into your life. Either way the benefits of living in the present moment are there or everyone.  Here is a 2 minute video to get your started or re-inspire you to connect more deeply with the here and now.

TThankyou for taking a moment to watch this video and be on my site.